Celebrating Music Around The World

Program Description

Since the fall of 2005 the foundation has been impacting multitudes of children, through musical presentations, called “Celebrating Music Around The World,” in elementary schools (K-6) from Maine to Florida. These exciting 1 hour presentations demonstrate a wide array of musical instruments, such as guitar, ukulele, penny whistle, Andean flute, chorango, keyboard, drums and percussion from Ghana, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan, China, and other countries around the globe. World class musicians and very devoted educators facilitate these presentations performing beautiful songs in a rich palette of musical styles: Brazilian, Latin, Jazz, African, Pop, R&B, Classical, Hawaiian and Japanese. The presentations include live performance and an interactive open forum for questions and answers. The musicians’ dedication and exuberance for both their craft and their audience is noteworthy, generating a huge wave of interest in music, in adults and children alike.

As Anne Koop, principal of Barnard Central School, Barnard, VT, stated: “Their enthusiasm is contagious!!! Not only are these musicians exceptional performers, but also they really know how to reach the children.”

Artist Residencies and Master Classes

Included in the "Celebrating Music Around The World Program" are now optional student master classes (1-3 hours) and short and long-term residencies (ranging
from day long to several months), both offering students the opportunity to work intimately with the performing artists that they see on stage. Master classes are designed according to the students' interest and current curriculum. For example, we offer the following specialty clinics: hand drumming & percussion, vocal training, songs from around the world, Brazilian rhythms and songs, guitar and ukulele, drum set study, songwriting, traditional Hawaiian songs, making a Native American frame drum and more.

Residencies are tailored to meet the educational goals of the school and culminate with a student performance for peers, families, and community.

Hawai'i and Japan

We are very excited to announce that the Lotus Arts Foundation has recently been invited to present these musical programs to elementary and pre-schools in the Hawaiian Islands and Japan commencing in 2008.