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The Lotus Arts Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1998 and based in Hawai'i. We are visionaries and innovators, dedicated to building a vibrant flourishing world where all people are genuinely happy and daring to create their great dreams, living in dignity and accountability. We have spent many years delving deep into the core of human existence, and have unearthed very powerful and precious “tools of choice”. We discovered that all of us have the power within our own free will to be in selfish misery in our feelings or in the blink of a thought be in an exalted state, and this state of being is not based on our outside circumstances (weather, body size, finances, news, or others’ disgruntlements). This ability to choose is awaiting all people who are beckoning for more. We are dedicated to offering these tools, through the platform of music and the arts, to children and adults igniting creative expressions thus crafting new stories for humanity. These creations of art will reflect our grand beauty and worth for the upliftment of all humankind which will herald in a new era on Earth.

We are very interested to hear any reflections or inspirations you may have from the following prose and essays. Feel free to email us at: