Who We Are

Thank you for visiting us and please read on to know more about us. The Lotus Arts Foundation is inspired by the extraordinary grandeur and courage of the Lotus flower. We have a vision of a world where people are genuinely happy and vibrant.

This foundation is dedicated to supporting all people who yearn to transform themselves and their chosen trade, shedding off the shackles of doubts, worries, rising thru the challenges and transforming fear into strength, courage, creativity, and inspiration.

The foundation staff with a dedicated team over many years has researched and developed profound simple tools of choice that can break oneself free of limiting thoughts and patterns, blossoming oneself like the Lotus flower into a sweet powerful essence and in turn their chosen crafts will flower transforming this world.

In closing, Garth Brooks said it well in the “Belleau Wood” song:

“Heaven is not beyond the clouds.
It’s just beyond the fear.

Heaven is not beyond the clouds.
It’s for us to find it here.”