Inspired Writings

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The War Is Over

Today, I declare the war is over.
The war is complete.
I have found the enemy - it is me.
I have found my greatest friend - it is me.

Today, I declare the war of doubt is over.

Doubt is one of my best friends, not my enemy.
Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of loving self.
Doubt has not come to take me down the well
of emotional abyss.
Doubt has come to test my desire,
to see how strong I believe in what I say or dream.
The storm of Doubt has come, its deepest desire is to help me
make sure I do what I say or feel.

The storm of Doubt desires strongly that I succeed,
yet it must present turbulence to me,
the exact opposite of what it desires for me.

The storm of Doubt is my sparing partner -
the stronger, closer I get to realizing my dreams,
the stronger the storm gets.
It must keep intensifying, staying one step ahead.

The storms may shorten, yet their blows will be more intense.
Doubt is one of my greatest trainers of accepting all of me.

Whenever a doubt arises.
I remember it has come to remind me to love myself.

Doubt is not my enemy, it is one of my best friends.

2007 Cary Valentine